Education and Museum-Experiential Activities!

Museum and education! Two inseparably connected words!

While regarding the close affinity of those particular notions, a fact, and in respect of the right of equal access to all humans, irregardless of age, gender, religion etc., we open the wooden doors of our Agricultural Museum and Folk art, to every person who would like to travel in time, live out experiences from another era and obtain images and stimulations for life! 

Our folklore museum

Our folklore museum

Educational activities for our visitors!

If we return back to our childhood memories, we will surely remember times of monotony and boredom within a museum! Here, in our remarkable Museum, we managed to avoid exactly that!

Our experienced and well educated team, has designed educational activities of traditional content, adapted as so, to be carried out for all ages. 

Upon your arrival in Arolithos, the traditional village, a member of our team will be waiting for you with a big smile! 

Our team

Our team

There, we will welcome and brief you regarding the activity you have already chosen! (The head of the department, Maria, will have informed you properly and with every detail needed, and you will have taken a look at this as well.)

After the beginning of the activity, we reassure you that everyone will learn about the tradition of Crete effortlessly. Observation, imagination, dedication and enthusiasm are some of the elements you will notice upon yourselves. 

Weaving Art

Weaving Art

Cooking lesson

Cooking lesson


Making the Weddong Bread

Making the Wedding Bread

An important detail is that during your free time, you can relax in our traditional coffee shop, enjoy a stroll in the village’s graphic pathways far from cars and the city turbulence! 

Coffe house

Coffee house

We invite you to experience strong and beautiful feelings through our educational activities! 

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