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Homemade honey nougat!

It’s time to create delicious and very healthy nougat!

Homemade nougat

Homemade nougat


300 g of thyme honey

300 g raw sesame seeds

1 lemon zest Instructions



I wash the sesame well and pour it into a non-stick frying pan, over medium heat, stirring constantly until it begins to smell and darken. I pull it out immediately. I put the honey in a non-stick saucepan and let it boil on medium heat for 5 minutes.

After 5 minutes I add a lemon zest and when it starts to tighten I pour the sesame seeds, mix well and leave for 2 more minutes. I have prepared a refractory rectangular dish with oil paste and pour the mixture into it.

As it is hot with care, I cover it with a second paper on top and with the help of a glass, spread it evenly, pressing to coat and flatten the surface. Remove the paper, allow it to cool slightly and cut with a sharp knife into rectangular pieces. I don’t move them, I leave them in the pan to cool completely. I store them in a sealed container or I can pack them in a package.

I can also wrap them with film. Store at room temperature for months. ENJOY!

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Τι είναι;

Είναι πολυετές, ποώδες, αρωματικό φυτό που φυτρώνει σε ορεινά και υγρά μέρη και φτάνει έως και τα 70εκ. ύψος. Μοιάζει πολύ με την μέντα, από την οποία διαφέρει στο χρώμα του βλαστού, που στον δυόσμο είναι πράσινος σε αντίθεση με αυτό της μέντας που είναι ιώδες.


Τα φύλλα του έχουν έντονο πράσινο χρώμα. Τα άνθη του είναι μικρά ρόδινα ή μωβ ανοιχτό. Η άνθιση έρχεται Ιούνιο με Αύγουστο και μαζεύετε την ίδια περίοδο και θεωρείτεαι ένα από τα σπουδαιότερα βότανα.

Η καλλιέργεια του

Χρειάζεται αρκετή υγρασία και καλλιεργείται σε γλάστρες, ενώ πολλαπλασιάζεται με παραφυάδες ή μοσχεύματα. Υπάρχει παντού σαν καλλιεργούμενο και μπορούμε να τον έχουμε πάντα φρέσκο σε μια γλάστρα ή να τον ξεράνουμε και να τον φυλάξουμε σε ένα βάζο.


Ο δυόσμος είναι ένα από τα πιο δημοφιλή αρωματικά φυτά της λεκάνης της Μεσογείου. Ήταν ένα φυτό που ήρθε στην Ευρώπη από την Ανατολή.

Χρησιμοποιείται στη μαγειρική σε φαγητά και σαλάτες, στη ζαχαροπλαστική, δίνει άρωμα σε δροσιστικά ποτά και έχει πολλές φαρμακευτικές ιδιότητες. Ο δυόσμος χρησιμοποιείται επίσης στη σαπωνοποιία και την αρωματοποιία.

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Basil-the king of herbs!

Basil is aromatic annual herbaceous plant. It reaches a height of 30-40 cm, with many branches It is aromatic, rich in nectar and attract bees. Use as a seasoning for the intense and characteristic flavor.

The plant

The plant

It is closely related to other known herbs such as oregano, marjoram, mint and sage. It is well known and widely used in mild and warm climates. It originates from the tropical regions of Asia and Africa, from where it moved to the Mediterranean countries.

The leaves

The leaves

One species is called a plant of fever and in some areas it is used as antipyretic. It is used as a seasoning for its intense and characteristic aroma.

The name «basil» is attributed to it, according to legend, rose to the point where Grand Constantine and his mother Saint Helena discovered the Holy Cross. The name of the plant was taken from the «king» that is Jesus Christ.

According to this plant, it grew up in the lost tomb of Christ and its intense smell became a cause for its discovery. In Epiphany, the priest takes the believers with sanctity by diving a royal branch into the holy water. At the celebration of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross on September 14th, in the churches basil is shared. Various commercially available varieties are distinguished by the size of leaves.

Basil and Church

Basil and Church

The basil is grown as an ornamental plant in pots and gardens and its leaves are used as a condiment and decoction. The leaves contain an essential oil whose main ingredient is linalool and methylchiclavol.

In Greece basil is connected with good luck!

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Βασιλικός, ο «βασιλιάς» των βοτάνων!

Ο βασιλικός είναι ένα αρωματικό ετήσιο, ποώδες φυτό (υπάρχουν όμως είδη πολυετή και θαμνώδη) της οικογένειας των Χειλανθών. Φτάνει σε ύψος 30-40 cm, με πολλά κλαδιά και πυκνό φύλλωμα. Είναι αρωματικά, πλούσια σε νέκταρ και προσελκύουν τις μέλισσες. Πολλές φορές τα φυτά μοιάζουν με στρογγυλούς θάμνους.


Είναι στενός συγγενής άλλων γνωστών αρωματικών φυτών, όπως το δεντρολίβανο, η ρίγανη, η μαντζουράνα, η μέντα και η φασκομηλιά. Είναι πολύ γνωστό και διαδεδομένο στα ήπια και ζεστά κλίματα. Κατάγεται από τις τροπικές περιοχές της Ασίας και της Αφρικής, από όπου και μεταφέρθηκε στις χώρες της Μεσογείου.

Τα φύλλα του

Τα φύλλα του

Ένα από τα είδη έχει την ονομασία φυτό του πυρετού και σε μερικές περιοχές χρησιμοποιείται ως αντιπυρετικό. Χρησιμοποιείται σαν καρύκευμα, για το έντονο και χαρακτηριστικό του άρωμα.

Η ονομασία «βασιλικός» του αποδόθηκε καθώς, σύμφωνα με θρύλο, φύτρωσε στο σημείο όπου ο Μέγας Κωνσταντίνος και η μητέρα του Αγία Ελένη ανακάλυψαν τον Τίμιο Σταυρό. Την ονομασία του το φυτό την πήρε από το «βασιλιάς» που είναι ο Ιησούς Χριστός. Σύμφωνα με αυτόν το φυτό φύτρωσε στο χαμένο τάφο του Χριστού και η έντονη μυρωδιά του έγινε αφορμή να ανακαλυφθεί.

Στα Θεοφάνεια ο ιερέας ραίνει τους πιστούς με αγιασμό βουτώντας ένα κλαδί βασιλικό μέσα στο αγίασμα. Στη γιορτή της Υψώσεως του Τιμίου Σταυρού στις 14 Σεπτεμβρίου στις εκκλησίες μοιράζεται βασιλικός.

Βασιλικός και εκκλησία

Βασιλικός και εκκλησία

Στο εμπόριο κυκλοφορούν διάφορες ποικιλίες που διακρίνονται για το μέγεθος των φύλλων. Ο βασιλικός καλλιεργείται ως καλλωπιστικό φυτό σε γλάστρες και κήπους και τα φύλλα του χρησιμοποιούνται αποξηραμένα ως καρύκευμα και αφέψημα. Τα φύλλα περιέχουν αιθέριο έλαιο που κύριο συστατικό του είναι η λιναλοόλη και η μεθυλοχαβικόλη.

Στην Ελλάδα ο βασιλικός θεωρείται το φυτό του καλοκαιριού και είναι συνδεδεμένος με την καλή τύχη!

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Greek Coffee!

A cup of coffee is a daily ritual for most of us. Those who love coffee can not start the day without it. He is known for the particular method of manufacture and delivery of serving. Makes it easy to chat and some would even say that a cup of coffee accompanies any gossip!

Greek  delight enhances the whole experience an excellent feeling: Hot coffee with thick cream, some greek delight and our bodies refreshed!

Ελληνικός καφές & Λουκούμι

Ελληνικός καφές & Λουκούμι

The sweet taste of loukoumi makes contrast with the bitter taste of coffee – and this is especially important for those who drink their coffee without sugar!

Water is important customary to serve coffee with a glass of water. Have you ever wondered why? Drinking water before coffee helps your taste buds to feel the real taste of coffee and drinking water after helps you rinse your throat from any traces of sediment.

One by one the steps for a delicious Greek!

coffee production

coffee production

1. Take a clean and dry coffee pot with a dry throat. Fill the pot with so many cups of water (preferably lukewarm) and those coffees that we want to build.
2. With the special spoon put a spoonful Loumidis for every cup of sugar and as much desire.
3. Then place the pot on medium fire center to heat the entire pot and stir slowly until dissolved coffee and sugar (attention after this point should not mix the coffee again).
4. Once the coffee begins to inflate, to remove the fire and hit the pot 2-3 times light in the counter. Then bloated coffee settles for a while.
5. Return the pot immediately on the fire and when the coffee begins to inflate again, to remove from fire, wait a few seconds and slowly we serve the classic cup of Greek coffee.
Variations of Greek coffee …

This is the usual Greek coffee, and are some of the best known «variations» of:

Meraklidikos : heavy 2-3 tablespoons
Light: 1/2 – 1 tablespoon
sweet: 2-4 tablespoons sugar
Medium: 1 tablespoon sugar
Yes-No: 1/2 tablespoon sugar
Heavy sweet : three scoops of coffee and sugar
Glyky boiled: 2 tablespoons sugar

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Olive the blessed!

The olive was the symbol of the goddess Athena. According to ancient Greek mythology, the home of the olive is Athens and the first olive tree was planted by Athena on the Acropolis. Through our history we discover that the olive tree is not only a symbol of peace, wisdom, fertility, prosperity, glory, but offers us protection, inspiration and food.

The fruit of the olive tree is very important because it produces olive oil. Olives are rich in nutrients. For many years, they have been the most popular snack of rural Mediterranean populations, accompanying greasy food, salads and many appetizing dishes.

It is the absolute Greek «superfood» and for that reason we should consume almost daily olives. 10 olives before a meal can reduce appetite by 20%.

Moderate consumption of olives in a balanced diet is an ally to beauty and human health.

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Malotira: The wonderful Cretan herb!

The name «malotira» comes from the Italian words «sickness» and «tirare». In Crete we consider is an ideal solution for colds and respiratory diseases. The plant has height 10 to 50 cm. It has thin and round branches that are covered in full length with plenty of fluff. Its leaves are respectively and their length is 1-6 cm, thick, long and covered with lint. Its flowers are yellow and white. It is a delicious and aromatic herb and very popular.

Healing properties

It is beneficial to the diseases of the circulatory system of the human body, against respiratory problems and especially for the treatment of colds and coughs.

Especially its use with honey and it is ideal for the sore throat.

It is collected from May to August.



Prepare as a beverage. Boil for about 4 minutes and combine perfectly with marjoram.

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Μαλοτήρα ''Saloustros''

Μalotira »Saloustros»

Pinakoti! The wooden kneading trough!

Pinakoti was an accessory (usually wooden and narrow) for traditional bread making process. It usually had many partitions, one for each bread!



How they made bread (many years ago)


A piece of bread that was stored from last week is made with water and flour, so that it becomes a gritty slurry.

They left it wrapped in a woolen blanket all night. With this piece, in the morning next day the bread is kneaded, and it is covered with the blanket again and left to ascend. Then they were holding a piece to make bread next week. With the rest, they made 3-4 large breads(as well as the pinakoti), which was covered with well-frosted cotton towels.

When the bread was ready, they went to the oven. There was the wood-burning oven, and when the oven was heated, they put the bread with a wooden shovel!

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The amazing rakomelo!

What is Rakomelo?

rakomelo cretaneshop arolithos

Rakomelo is a spirit drink made from honey by the process of fermenting sugars of honey. The rakomelo can be bought bottled, ready to serve after it has warmed up. It is prepared by combining raki (tsikoudia) or tsipouro with honey and various spices such as cinnamon, cloves, cardamom or other local herbs. Prepared in Crete and other islands of the Aegean Sea as well as in the Greek mainland, and consumed mainly in the winter months as a hot drink. It should not be confused with the roasted raki, which is a local Amorgos drink and is made from raki, sugar and more spices while it is served at room temperature.

Recipe for rakomelo

What we need:

1 liter of raki

honey as long as we want (the ideal for this quantity is 4 tablespoons)

2 cinnamon sticks

2-3 cloves

How do we do it:

In a saucepan, heat carefully raki, then remove from the fire. Then, pour in stirring honey, cinnamon and carnation … and just getting a boil is ready!

It is served hot and is the best cure for colds. (Because raki contains a lot of alcohol, you should be careful not to boil and pour out of the pot because there is a risk of fire.)

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