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Homemade cookies with molasses!

The most delicious and wholesome, of our own cookies, that we make in love and the most pure materials, to make our coffee and tea extremely accompanying!

Homemade cookies

Homemade cookies

Let’s prepare this amazing recipe!

We need

  • 1 cup of olive oil
  • 1 cup of molasses
  • 1 cup of sugar
  • 1 tea spoon of soda
  • 1 tea spoon of cinnamon
  • 1 kg of flour
  • some ouzo

Do it

We combine  the olive oil, sugar, cinnamon and we dissolve the soda in the ouzo. We add it to the liquid materials.

We throw the flour kneading until we have a well-made dough that doesn’t fit into the hands. We roll the cookies in a round shape and hang them in sheet metal sheets.

We bake in an oven at 170 degrees C for 40 minutes. Try it and I’m sure you’ll enjoy it!

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Vegetables in the oven-The Greek tourlou

A wonderful summer food, with fresh vegetables that is now their season! With good ingredients and good Greek olive oil, our recipe takes off! Let’s see what we will need…

Greek tourlou

Greek tourlou

We will need:

4 aubergines

4 zucchini

2 green peppers

3 carrots

3 medium potatoes

2 ripe tomatoes

1⁄2 box of concentrated tomato juice

2 medium onions

chopped parsley

a teaspoon of olive oil


Wash and dry the vegetables well. Slice the aubergines, zucchini, carrots, peppers and potatoes. Put all the ingredients in a large and deep pan. Preheat the oven for 10 minutes at 180C. Squeeze the tomatoes with a strainer. Drizzle the ingredients with the tomato juice, oil, 1 cup of water and the prepared tomato juice (you can add less at the beginning and add during cooking, depending on how red you want it). Add salt and pepper, parsley, a little oregano and mix. Bake at 200 degrees C for one and a half hours.

Bon Appetit!

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Delicious chicken legs with spices!

We have a delicious recipe for you, with few calories (it’s also summer after all) and a lot of flavor, since it is full of our favorite spices!

So…how do we make juicy chicken legs with spices? Here is the recipe!

Chicken recipe

Chicken recipe


10 chicken legs

2 kg parsley

2 kg curry

2 kg garlic (powder)

1 1/2 kg salt

1 kg pepper

2 kg honey

1 tbsp  Greek olive oil


Put all our ingredients in a pan and mix, make a mixture and spread on the booties. Bake at 250 ° C for 45-55 minutes. Garnish with a little lemon.

Bon Appetit!

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Delicious sardines in the oven with ouzo and tomato!

Today we present to you an eminently summer food, whose intense smells will keep you asking for more!

This is no other than our favorite sardines that, apart from its amazing taste, have many nutritional properties!

Add spices and ouzo and just love them!

Grilled sardines with ouzo and tomato

Sardines in the oven with ouzo

Sardines in the oven with ouzo

We will need:

Sardines 1 kg

Olive oil 5-6 tablespoons

2 tomatoes, peeled

Sweet paprika 1/2 teaspoon


Onion dried 1 1/2 sliced

Garlic 2 cloves, sliced

Ouzo 1/2 glass of wine

Parsley 1/2 bunch, chopped


Clean the sardines, remove the heads, wash them, season with salt and drain.

Put the olive oil in a shallow pot to heat, add onion and garlic, sauté for a while and then add the paprika, pepper, salt, ouzo, peeled tomatoes and simmer for about 15 minutes.

Place the sardines in a baking pan, pour over the sauce and bake in the oven at 180 degrees for 15-20 minutes (depending on the oven). Towards the end sprinkle with the chopped parsley and they are ready to enjoy.

Bon Appetit!

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Λαμπριάτικο-τοπικό έδεσμα των Καπετανιανών!

Ένα ειδικό τοπικό πασχαλινό έδεσμα του χωριού Καπετανιανά των Αστερουσίων με μακρά παράδοση.

Λίγο μετά την τελετή της Ανάστασης του Χριστού ανοίγουν οι τρεις φούρνου του χωριού και όλοι οι κάτοικοι παίρνουν το πήλινο σκεύος τους, μέσα στο οποίο έχουν ετοιμάσει το πασχαλινό φαγητό τους. Τρώγεται αμέσως μετά τα μεσάνυχτα, στο πρώτο τραπέζι που περιέχει κρέας ύστερα από νηστεία πολλών εβδομάδων. Το φαγητό φουρνίζεται συνήθως μόλις αρχίσει να νυχτώνει (περίπου στις  7 το απόγευμα) και είναι έτοιμο μετά τα μεσάνυχτα!

Ας δούμε την παρασκευή αυτού του ιδιαίτερου πιάτου!



Καθαρίζουμε το ρύζι, το αλατίζουμε και το βάζουμε στο πήλινο αγγείο. Στη μέση βάζουμε τα κεφαλάκι, ούτως ώστε να καλύπτεται σχεδόν εξ ολοκλήρου από το ρύζι.  Το σκεπάζουμε με τα πλευρά και πάνω απ αυτά βάζουμε λίγο «κνισάρι» (λιπώδης υμένας ζώου). Καλύπτουμε τη επιφάνεια με ένα λεπτό στρώμα τσίπας(πέτσας). Το βάζουμε στο φούρνο και το αφήνουμε για περισσότερες από τρεις ώρες να ψηθεί.

Καλή σας όρεξη!

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Συνταγή από τον Γιώργο Σταματάκη (Καπετανιανά Αστερουσιών)

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Πηγή: κρητική παραδοσιακή κουζίνα-Μαρία & Ν. Ψιλάκης

Νew service! Traditional Greek night with transfer!

A new summer season starts and we are ready to offer the best to our guests!

As regards our traditional greek night, through our experience over the years, we have managed to present, a special show with live music, local dancers and a typical cretan dinner!

However, this summer season there is something new!

New service

New service

Our new service has to do with the transfer of clients from Rethymno City to Arolithos Village with intermediate stopovers in the following points:

1. Rethymno City








Contact us and ask for more!

Contact us to learn about this new B2B service!

Ask to be our partner to this project!

Give your clients the opportunity to participate in this excursion organised in a wonderful place and enjoy an authentic greek night!

tel. 0030-2810 821050

email: info@arolithos.com

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