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1. The collection, maintenance and exhibition of local folkloric items.
2. The support and preservation of local arts and crafts, as well as of artistic activities from different domains, i.e. painting, music and dance.
3. The preservation of customs and their propagation to the next generations i.e. wedding customs, Easter celebration etc.
4. The accommodation of native and foreign tourists, who take interest in being exposed to and learning about arts and the traditional way of living.
5. The preservation of Cretan cuisine along with the promotion of local dishes and foodstuff.
6. The organization of events for the promotion of local artworks: art exhibitions including paintings and sculptures, music nights.
7. The organization of social events, such as wedding ceremonies and receptions, christenings etc.


In the fist place, the quality safety policy of the company entails full satisfaction of the guests’ exigencies as regards the safety of the products available on the company’s premises.

To this intent, we carefully and responsibly choose our suppliers. Moreover, we see that the conditions of goods production, storage and transportation conform to the international practice. Besides that, we invest in our staff’s knowledge and training, while we have implemented the HACCP system in pursuance to the international standardization system ISO 22000. The latter includes a wide range of activities from the receipt of raw materials to the sales of our goods at the restaurant.

Since both the administrative staff and the employees of the company believe in continuous improvement, we engage to implement the following goals:

  1. adherence to the faithful application and continuous improvement of the Foodstuff Safety Management System, in pursuance to ISO 22000
  2. continuous training of staff to ensure high standards of expertise and thorough knowledge of foodstuff safety
  3. continuous improvement of our practices
  4. maintenance of communication with our suppliers and guests
  5. securing of all resources necessary for the system maintenance and update as well a for the improvement of the facilities, equipment and working environment
  6. monitoring of all the indices set, with regard to the safety of the products available
  7. commitment to conform to all legal and regulatory provisions, as well as to mutual agreements with customers, concerning product safety and quality.

We believe that the above result in our business acquiring an excellent reputation on the market, while making all of us – managerial staff and employees- proud and satisfied, since we strive for the development of the company “AROLITHOS” Traditional Tourist Businesses S.A.