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The activities available in Arolithos are related to popular art and nutrition. They are exclusively intended for groups, only upon discussion.

  • Their maximum duration is 2 hours for each.
  • The excursion may be scheduled in the morning hours and on a date convenient for the group or for the facilities.
  • The maximum number of participants per activity is ten persons
  • Each group has the option of alternating between two activities at the most.
  • We provide the materials used for each activity. However, our guests may take what they have produced or prepared home with them (ceramic) or just enjoy it (Cretan dish or bread).

The following activities are available:

Cretan cuisine
Our guests prepare stuffed vegetables (tomatoes and green peppers) and they sample those already cooked.

Preparation of Cretan wedding rolls
Specially trained women called xobliastres (which means “embroideresses” in the Cretan idiom) demonstrate our guest the process of production and decoration of the Cretan wedding roll, a sort of brioche decorated with amazingly intricate patterns and offered at wedding receptions. Subsequently, visitors are invited to attempt to imitate the process.

The Weaving Art
Weavers, who are mostly high skilled women, demonstrate the art of weaving, inviting guests to attempt the process.

Greek Language Learning
A qualified teacher offers a two-hour Greek language learning session.

Cretan Dances Learning
A qualified dancing master offers a two-hour Cretan dances learning session.

Kneading and Baking Bread
With the baker’s help, our guests knead bread, prepare the wood oven and bake their own bread. Subsequently, they can enjoy their home-made bread with cheese and olives.

Pottery and Ceramic Art
With the artisan’s aid, guests may take their first steps in ceramic art and pottery.

Participation in Yoga Classes
A highly trained practitioner instructs groups during yoga training sessions.