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The form and image of the traditional village is complete with the presence of the museum of Local Art and Agricultural History.

To achieve its main goal, which is to preserve and promote the Cretan civilization and tradition, Arolithos established a museum.

This museum exhibits old household objects of everyday life, agricultural tools and various items of local art.

Some of these items are: a complete traditional living room, large earthen pots (used for storing water, wine and oil), flat irons which run on coal, weaving looms, combs used for sheep, pots used for the preparation of bread, a shepherd’s coat (gambas), a wooden box used for storage (kasela), an old clock, lamp stands, scales, strainers, household utensils (pans, pots, etc.), a wooden bed, a shepherd’s bag, a sewing machine, embroidery, traditional Cretan dresses, a dowry bag, a straw basket, plates, religious icons, plows, hand - mills, sickles, pack saddles, various crockery (glasses, cups, plates, etc.), Cretan weapons, guns and swords.

There is also a computer in the museum providing information about Arolithos and all the activities available.

A bibliographic reference material on the tradition, the civilization and the history Crete is currently being compiled. This library will soon be available to the public.