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«Γάμος» «Γάμος» «Γάμος» «Γάμος»
«Γάμος» «Γάμος» «Γάμος» «Γάμος»

For many years now, Arolithos has connected its name with the phrase “traditional Cretan wedding”. Hundreds of couples from the district of Heraklion, as well as from other regions of Crete have had their wedding reception in “Arolithos”. Moreover, their largest majority has exchanged marital vows during a wedding ceremony celebrated in the church of “Analipsi Kiriou”.

For those wishing to have such events organized, they should contact the person in charge, so as to discuss the details together and carefully plan the event. On the day of the wedding reception, a colorful party takes place to the sounds of Cretan or Greek music.

There is a wide array of wedding receptions depending on the client’s request. Thus, one has the choice of a typical traditional Cretan wedding reception, a wedding reception that includes traditional Cretan cuisine combined with folk music from other regions of Greece, or even sumptuous receptions where traditional Cretan cuisine is served.

Each person interested may express his or her preferences. We will make every endeavor to fulfill each wish and personalize the reception, according to our clients’ requirements.


«Βάπτιση» «Βάπτιση» «Βάπτιση» «Βάπτιση»
«Βάπτιση» «Βάπτιση» «Βάπτιση» «Γάμος»

Many children from Crete have been christened at the church of “Arolithos”, according to the Greek orthodox rituals.

Christenings take place at the yard of the church. Subsequently, a colorful feast takes place to celebrate the integration of the new member in the Greek orthodox community.