new coronavirus covid-19

Dear partners and clients,

For thirty years now, we have constantly shown our real need to assure our guests’, partners’ and employees’ care and safety.

During this newfound situation we are experiencing, our biggest challenge is to ensure you that we will continue with the same powerful presence throughout the coronavirus era.

We would like to be absolutely transparent in regards to the matter that our personnel’s wellbeing is one of our priorities.
We remain constantly up to date for any new needs, innovating ways to work and we make sure that our staff is properly trained.

We inform you about the precautions taken in our business.

In particular

1. Organizational measures

2. For the staff

The information, instructions and training are properly formulated to be understood by all employees. In this way they understand and recognize their obligations.

3. Environmental measures

They are considered essential for reducing the spread of the virus and include the following:

4. Self-assessment of the company regarding the measures taken to prevent the spread of SARS-COV-2

Completion of a business self-assessment form to facilitate the adoption of appropriate measures to prevent the spread of corona SARS-COV-2 for the complete protection of workers. Every day we are informed and adapted to what is needed.

Reception desk /check-in and check-out

Cleaning, disinfection, housekeeping (rooms and public areas)

Food services – Kitchens

Food services – Restaurant & Tavern and Pool bar

Swimming pools and other recreational water facilities

Shops operating in hotels

Public areas (outdoor and indoor)

Action Plan in case of Covid-19 incident:

If a guest shows symptoms relating to COVID-19, the following procedure is followed:

If an employee exhibits symptoms relating to COVID-19, the following procedure is followed:

Cleaning and Disinfecting a Patient's Room

The safety and security of our guests and staff was always and will remain our highest priority.

Fully committed to your well-being, we are looking forward to welcoming you back!

The team of Arolithos