not just a dream but a big vision

Arolithos Traditional Cretan Village has been created with great passion and love. Our guests may feel it during their stay or visit. Built on the slope of a mountain, in the wild Cretan landscape, the village is a feast for the senses.

Mr Saloustros declares: “We created Arolithos Traditional Cretan Village where we maintain the culture of Crete through a variety of forms such as arts, professions, gastronomy, hospitality, lifestyle and customs. Thus our visitor escapes from the present day and is transferred to an older, pure and genuine era. The old one recalls memories of his childhood and the younger one experiences the simplicity and beauty of the past.”
AROLITHOS is an ancient greek word still alive in the cretan dialect. Ιts two components are "Aros" i.e liquid and "Lithos", i.e stone. The natural surface dug stone or rock that gathers rainwater. The rock gathers, maintains and transmits the coolness of the water to humans or animals. The village Arolithos has this symbolic name because it gathers, maintains and transmits the traditions, the culture and the beauty of Crete.

Do you wish to escape from the present and have a trip back to the past ??
Then you are at the right place, a picturesque village with which you will fall in love.