safety policy of the company

The company's quality policy consists in principle of fully meeting customers' requirements regarding the safety of the products offered in the display areas of the unit. To this end we choose with a sense of responsibility our suppliers, we make sure that the conditions of production, storage and transportation of products are in accordance with international practice, we invest in the information and training of our staff, while at the same time we developed a HACCP system according to the international standard ISO 22000 that includes activities from the delivery of raw materials to the disposition of our products in the restaurant.

All of us, management and employees of the company, because we believe in continuous improvement, are committed to the following goals:

We believe that all this results not only in the best possible image of the company in the market, but also a sense of pride and satisfaction for all of us, Management and employees, who are working on the progress of Traditional Tourist Enterprises S.A. "AROLITHOS".