our coffee shop during the winter

«In our village’s coffee shop, with the wood burning stove, the traditional delights, the sweet smelling coffee and the daily chats…»

….are certainly vivid images for the elders and stories for the younger and it describes perfectly our own little coffee shop “The beautiful Crete”.

Wooden chairs and corresponding tables, heat from the stove, sweet and salty tastes for merrymakers ‘’meraklides’’ as we call them. The complimentary food and drinks of our menu are made with pure ingredients and always served with a smile at exceptionally reasonable prices!

The same warm and quaint atmosphere is maintained during the summer as well, where we transfer to the coffee shop’s patio. The briskness and the shadow offered by the trees in combination with the calm and the sounds of nature, constitute Arolithos the ideal countryside getaway, where the visitors can enjoy their favorite beverage along with local handmade products!