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If you are wondering what to do during your holidays and you are searching near you for an authentic Cretan memorable experience, we have the answer. You will have fun with our interactive activities and you will be pleasantly surprised by the breathtaking beauty of the place and the view.

Share your time with our friendly, warm and welcoming people. Live, eat, drink, do, feel like a local.

Enjoyable hands-on experiences are waiting for you in Arolithos village.

Either with your partner or your family, discover the most authentic Cretan cultural experiences in terms of content and value for money.

To feel real cretan heritage the best fun thing you may choose from is:

Cretan Cuisine
Trust our welcoming people and cook with us. Taste the pure products of the Cretan land. Hands-on experience for an exceptional souvenir. A culinary journey of smells and tastes.