an authentic cretan memorable experience

If you are wondering what to do during your holidays and you are searching near you for an authentic Cretan memorable experience, we have the answer. You will have fun with our interactive activities and you will be pleasantly surprised by the breathtaking beauty of the place and the view.

Share your time with our friendly, warm and welcoming people. Live, eat, drink, do, feel like a local.

Enjoyable hands-on experiences are waiting for you in Arolithos village.

Either with your partner or your family, discover the most authentic Cretan cultural experiences in terms of content and value for money.

To feel real Crete heritage the best fun things you may choose from are.

Cretan Cuisine
Trust our welcoming people and cook with us. Taste the pure products of the Cretan land. Hands-on experience for an exceptional souvenir. A culinary journey of smells and tastes.

Cretan dances
A professional, enthusiast and patient Cretan dancer will show you the steps of the famous dances of Greece and Crete. Zorba the Greek, Syrtaki and much more OPA !!

Bread kneading
Our baker, willing and smiling, will introduce you to the secrets of homemade bread.

Worry beads
What an incredible experience. We will introduce you to the magical world of the Kompoloe.

The social life of the village
Greek coffee, delights and much more pleasant surprises will all happen in the traditional kafenion. Such a gorgeous time.

You will experience the authentic life that the cretans lived a few decades ago. Just relax, feel comfortable and let's start.

So do not miss time ask for more information. Please contact us.