to understand the present and create the future, you have to look back at the past

Welcome to the Museum of Rural History and Folk Craft

Arolithos Traditional Cretan Village and the Museum of Rural History and Folk Craft are top tourist cultural attractions in the Crete region and the prefectures of Heraklion and Malevizi. Heraklion has a long history of agricultural life and handicrafts. Both are available in the museum of Arolithos village.

Our museum is one of the most interesting places to visit around and near Heraklion. Items of everyday life and economic activity of the Cretan people have been collected and displayed in an outstanding exhibition of the traditions and folklore of Crete. Visiting our museum is always a unique experience as you may comprehend even deeper the development of the culture of the island of Crete.

The museum is really a highlight facility in Arolithos village hotel. Rural history and traditional life is a very interesting approach of past life and it can be very well combined with the archaeological attractions or the folklore museums of Heraklion prefecture.

Founded since 1999 by the owner of Arolithos village, the museum of agricultural history and folk art aims to preserve within it the tradition and culture of Crete. Thus young people will have a reference point and will know their roots in order to avoid the alienation and degeneration that is so intensely lurking nowadays. It also contributes significantly to the promotion of the island and culture abroad, since many of its visitors are foreigners.